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Barefoot Living

September 16, 2011

People who have known me from past lives and yet haven’t seen me for the last seven years might wonder why I’ve chosen to live a barefoot life.

I used to explain all the health things I was dealing with seven years ago – hip bursitis that was nearly killing me, walking with a cane, shooting pain in my left leg.

Now I just plain prefer it. All those health reasons are still valid, but I’ve grown so accustomed to it, I can’t imagine going back to wearing shoes all the time.

What do I prefer?

I prefer walking through the grass and earth to walking on hard pavement in closed up shoes.

I prefer letting my feet feel the sunshine and fresh air to keeping them bound up in shoes and socks.

I prefer the strong feet I’ve developed compared to the limp pasty toes I used to have.

I prefer the sense of connection I feel to my environment that living barefoot gives me.

There was a saying I picked up when I first started barefooting (from another person who’s been barefooting a lot longer than me). He wrote: “Free your feet and your mind will follow.” I have certainly found this to be true.

While I am more confident about my own person and faith than ever, I think being barefoot has opened my mind to a lot more of life itself.

I am more tolerant of those who look and dress differently (because I now dress differently, too).

I am more tolerant of those whom society rejects, because I have been rejected by stores, restaurants, other individuals. There are few things more embarassing than being asked to leave a place simply because you’re barefoot. (Such a disturbance of the peace :-)!)

I am more open to those who are doubted and scoffed – nothing seems to bring out scoffers like trapseing around in bare feet.

I am more sympathetic to those who have no heat in winter because, when I am barefoot in snow it is tolerable (I go barefoot year ’round), but optional. There are many people in this world for whom a cold winter is not an option.

I used to flinch when I thought someone was going to confront me about my bare feet. Now I simply listen to them, acknowledge their opinion, and go on. No sense in creating a scene over something as innocent as going barefoot.

Being barefoot has become part of who I am. And that’s pretty much what I like about it 🙂


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  1. Bob Neinast permalink

    Yay! Great explanation.

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