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September 26, 2011

With rain comes worms.

After a night or rain, the worms are out, like a stringy lattice laid across the sidewalk. If I were to watch myself tiptoeing barefoot through a lattice of worms struggling after a rain, I might be prone to think I was observing some giant goofball trying to dance inappropriately.

People often ask me about stepping on worms with my bare feet.

OK, so they don’t “often” ask me about stepping on worms. But the issue does come up. Just once I’d like to say, “Yes, I relish the thought of mashing the life out of another creature with nothing but my bare sole.” (Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

But I don’t step on them on purpose. Worms may be the lowest form of life, but they are still living things. Worms serve a purpose in this great big world, not the least of which is disposing of the likes of me after my soul enters the Pearly Gates.

I have grown to have great respect for the worms. They have a meagre existence, a hard time of it, and a short life. They just do what worms do – eat, multiply, produce dirt, and die.

Much like human life, isn’t it? We struggle, make relationships, try to produce things. And then we die.

Reminds me of the Scripture, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him?”

Why would God bother with lowly worms or lowly humans? I think it’s because God’s nature is Love and love has the capacity for all things great and small.

God’s love doesn’t mean that worms don’t get stepped on. It’s part of life. Worms get dug out, cut in half, eaten by birds, and find their way out onto wet sidewalks only to dry out in the sun or get stepped on by indifferent passers-by.

People get dug out, cut in half, eaten by predators… and sometimes we find ourself helplessly drowning from too much rain or drying out from too much sun. It’s part of life.

The secret that worms know is a lesson we humans have to learn. In life and death, suffering and plenty, good times and lean, God is always God and His love never fails.

Maybe this should be my response someone asks me about stepping on worms with bare feet. My guess is that they won’t ask again. 🙂



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