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About Me

I never know what to say about myself. I love people, especially my family. Karen is my everything and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Our daughter is one of the best people I know in the whole world – she makes everything joyful (after 10 a.m…. before that, not so much :-)). Our son make s me proud for the number of things he’s overcome. He’d hate to admit that he’s more like me than he wants to be.

I love my Church. Peoria Church is a great little congregation of Christians who simply want to love God and know how to follow Christ in this world.

I love my work with older adults. I often tell people that I have 300 grandmothers at Timbercrest :-)! It’s a great place to work, but and even greater place to really understand people.

I love the saints, especially St. Francis. I love Francis because he lived the Gospel fully as he was called to it… that’s what I want to do. I love St. Joseph, because he was a father and knew the kinds of things father have to go through with their kids. I love St. John Chrysostom, the “Golden Tongued,” because he preached with eloquence and grace, with spiritual depth and with compassion for his hearers. I love the Theotokos. Her example of humility and incarnation are inimitable.

I love being barefoot. I go barefoot whenever I can, all year ’round. I love the sensory experience of the Earth with nothing between. When I’m walking barefoot it feels like I breathe better, I feel better, I’m more in touch with life itself.

There are a lot of things I like to do. I like to play the piano. I like to work. I like singing (with a congregation, not solos). I like reading, but I rarely have enough time to do it. I like gardening but I’m not very good at it… flowers, not vegetables.

So that’s it. That’s “about me.” 🙂

(I also like emoticons :-))


One Comment
  1. Barefoot Bob permalink

    Hey Brian,
    I’m also a full time 24/7 BAREFOOTER, and feel the same about Feet and walking barefoot as you do. I’m a musician doing a lot of church work, and am able to work in my Bare feet all the time. It’s a pleasure to read your blog. God bless you… and stay BAREFOOT!

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